Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dear Baby Girl

Dear Baby Girl,

It has practically been a decade (at least in baby years) since I wrote an update on you. You have turned into a bigger than life little kid, full of all the spark, wonder, joy (and defiance) that comes along with this whole two year old territory.

Right now, you are obsessed with all things Disney Princess, Minnie Mouse and baby dolls. And I love it. You are my girly girl… you are only this little once and I think its so great that you have fully embraced the magical world of princesses and fairies.

But you are also the kid that loves getting dirty in the barn. Miss T, you name your favourite calves (current buddies include "Mighty Mouse", "Minnie", and "Cutie Pie") and count down the minutes until it is calf feeding time. You are followed throughout the barn by your entourage of kitties and your faithful companion, Angus.

You really dislike the cold (which is unfortunate, since we are in the depths of the Canadian winter). I have to bundle you up for the barn in about a billion layers. Which is ironic, since you are a bit of a nudist lately. Getting you dressed is like wrestling an orang-utan.

Miss T, you amaze me every day with your comprehension of the world around you. You are teaching me patience, and to embrace every moment.

Love ya little one.
xoxo Mama

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