Sunday, 23 March 2014


T and I recently got back from a week long vacation on Florida's Gulf coast. This winter has been long. Really long. And this little dose of sunshine and vitamin D was exactly what we needed.

We wen't down with my mom and it was so wonderful to spend some quality time with her (and have an extra set of hands!). My mom and I had a tumultuous relationship when I was a teenager. I was struggling deeply with an eating disorder, consumed with my own selfishness and swallowed by the demons that haunted my every thought. I was angry, and wasting away. It took me having my own child to realize the extent of suffering I had put my mother through. There are no words to describe the respect and love I have for her as a mother, a wife, and an incredibly strong woman. 

T absolutely LOVED the beach. (Although, upon first seeing the sand, she announced that we need to shovel. Did I mention it hasn't stopped snowing since November??!!) She had absolutely no fear when it came to to the waves, and giggled as the splashed her. 

And while it was so lovely to get away, it's nice to be home. (Even if this is the winter that will not quit and it is still -15C outside… wtf.) 

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