Monday, 7 April 2014

MacBoy: an update

This photo was taken a couple weeks ago but it's the last time my hair looked half decent and I didn't feel
Like a complete slob, so this is the one getting posted! 

How far along: 26 weeks (tomorrow) 

Feeling: good! Well, starting to feel kinda hippo like but other than that and some sciatic/hip pain, things are just ticking along. This baby boy is a mover and a shaker, mostly after meals, and it's pretty fun to feel him rumble around in there. Don't really have any notable cravings other than Greek yogurt and fruit. (That sounds far too healthy, so I also throw in assortment of Easter candy to balance it out... Mini eggs are the devil.) 

Looking forward to: spring!! It's kinda, sorta, slowly starting to feel more spring like around here. I mean, we aren't busting out the shorts and flip flops but most of the snow has melted and I have downgraded to a "spring" jacket as opposed to a parka suitable for arctic conditions. 

Also, being done work. I really don't mind my job and I only work 3 days a week but I'm pretty pumped to be done at the end of the month and just have T and the farm to focus on... Oh and preparing for new baby and all that jazz. (Not having to commute will be a big plus too!) 

Anxious about: weight gain. It sounds dumb, and is obviously par for the course for a healthy pregnancy but it's something that causes extra anxiety for me. I previously struggled with anorexia as a teenager and while I consider myself "recovered" sometimes those nasty, self deprecating thoughts sneak into my head, mostly when I feel like I have been eating out of control (pretty much all the time lately since I have been SO hungry.) the rational side of me knows that my body is telling me that I am growing a human and need the extra nutrients, but the delusional, anorexic 16 year old in me makes me want to freak out and restrict. Luckily, I have developed a lot of coping mechanisms for these irrational thoughts throughout the years and I have a very supportive, loving husband, but it doesn't make it any easier. 

14ish weeks to go!! 

Ps. A note about the title: we have a pretty Scottish last name, and like any good Scottish name it starts with a Mac... So MacBoy it is for now!

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