Monday, 5 May 2014

Days Like These...

Lately, our days have looked a lot like this…

Somebody can finally reach the pedals of this pint sized tractor.

Spring has (kinda, sorta) sprung! So much spring fever. 

He's a bit of a bed bandit. 

Kissing her babies good night, my sweet, tenderhearted girl. 

I can't believe it is already May (although this spring has been fairly craptastic and it still feels like the beginning of April). Soon, we will be extra busy with planting season (if it would ever stop raining), and you know, that whole preparing for a new born thing. I hope to get another MacBoy update done soon… the weeks seem to be ticking by. We are also tackling potty training in the next week or two… add this to the list of things I should have done when I was able to drink. 

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